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Becoming a Male Pornstar (Top 10 Tips)


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Male pornstar

Have you ever sat there watching a porno and thought “I could do that”?. Well we can offer you some tips to help you get started

The adult entertainment industry will be around forever, we as humans will always be searching through hours of porn to find just the right clip to get us aroused. so why not be a part of it and hopefully make a little money at the same time

If you are only interested in fucking hot chicks, you may as well leave now. You will almost certainly not make it within the adult industry with a attitude like that.

After all, working in porn is just like any other work, just that you are having sex for money. Sure, this sounds like the best thing in the world, but is it really?

Also like any “Normal” job, Working in porn is just like that. work. The difference is you are having sex for money. Yes sure you are fucking woman for money and this might sound like the best job ever to most men. But is it?

Well lets get it out of the way, It is not all fun and games!!

Just like any other job, working in the porn business will require you to put in a lot of work if you want to become successful. It will also be a huge boost if you are good looking, have a muscly body, and have a bigger than average dick. This is not completely necessary but will help you out.

10 Tips:

  1. Attractive body (you do not need to be athletic but it will help)
    Most important characteristic: self-confidence.
  2. Befriend someone who works in the adult industry, even better, someone who is a pornstar
  3. Make sure you are at least 6 inches (8+ inches will be much better)
    But any size above average is good!
  4. Stamina! Size means nothing if you only last a few seconds..
  5. Learn to get and control erections on request.
    Practice. This could take months to learn but keep at it you will get there
  6. Hold your orgasm.
    You can practice this while practising your erection control.
  7. You need to be comfortable with doing “gay” stuff, like two guys rubbing their balls together during a double penetration
    Sometimes, a hot pornstar can even end up with both of your cocks in her mouth. Yikes.
  8. Shooting porn = A lot of work
    It might not be a traditional 9-to-5 job, still, expect to be on set for long hours.
  9. When starting out, you might keep your old job. Do not expect to do porn full-time right away
    This is when you might need to start living two lives.
  10. You can “apply as a model” on nearly any porn studio’s website
    That’s the easy part.

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