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How much could you make on chaturbate?


Jul 14, 2020

We have all wondered across a cam site at some point, But for those actually thinking about joining a site like chaturbate to make some extra money. Don’t worry we are here to shed some insight to how much you could actually make.

Starting out you should expect your earning to be quite low, but the trick is to keep at it with daily shows and DO NOT quit. You are competing with established cam girls who have a good/great follower base and you need to build up your own fan base. An average woman can still expect £20 – £50 per 3 hour show in the early days (a little more for a couple).

Your income will depend on how much you are willing to do, If you are willing to do pretty much anything you will see your self at the higher end, however if you are just there to talk you could just be wasting your time and not making anything.

Once you are much better established, you could be earning £100 per hour for your shows or even more! here in the UK that is 5x better than the income from most regular jobs. So if you are doing 3 hours per day, every day and earning an average of £100 per hour you can be looking at up to £9000 per month!!

I have even spoken to a couple (and seen proof) that they have made £9000 in a single month and only been on cam for about half that time. They have been publishing their cam on chaturbate for almost 3 years now. So don’t expect to hit this amount overnight, work hard and often and you will get there.

But don’t take my word for it try it out! Join Chaturbate Now Good luck!

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