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Could a colourful bedroom improve your sex life?


Jul 11, 2020

Everyone is always looking for a way to improve their sex lives but for some diets and exercising is a little drastic or even a little too much hard work. but there maybe a way you could make an improvement without making and big effort or time consuming changes. and here in the UK travel lodge is here to help!

Travel lodge held a survey a little while ago in the united kingdom to see if something a simple as the colour of your bedroom could effect your sex life, The survey showed that couples with caramel colours in their bedrooms would engage in sexual activities more often compared to couples who had red bedrooms who where less likely to

Travel lodge wants to figure out the perfect colour for their rooms to help with customer satisfaction.

According to interior designer Francis Whitley:

“Room colour does influence your mood and set the tone for your living environment. Therefore, it’s important to choose a bedroom decor that will help you relax and induce sleep. [Guests] are no longer happy with everything being the same colour.”

But bedrooms are not just for what you see on porn sites, fucking and bad acting, they are also for sleeping and having the colour blue has shown that it can help you sleep longer

Or maybe you sleep way too much? then try purple, within the artistic community purple has shown to stimulate creativity and the unconscious mind so this will help you spend a little less sleeping and a little more time for .. well other things.

If you would prefer something simple, One idea would be to paint your room white and add a colour changing bulb, That way you can change the mood with a click of a button

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